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At its core, is a social media aggregator for Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus, and Tumblr. Hashtagr was founded by Saagar Gupta, Dennis Leancu, and Khoa Nguyen. All were friends at Niles North High School and eventually came together for this venture.
While others in the industry are focusing on the B2B (Business to Business) side, Hashtagr has decided to take the other route and pursue the B2C (Business to Consumer) side.  In a little over a year since its launch, it has had over 1,200,000 searches.
The core search engine of Hashtagr was launched in August 2013. Eventually there were many new additions which included its “Live Mode” feature for events,  tracking platform launched in March 2014, and curated user profiles launched Summer 2014.
The “Live Mode” feature has been used from conferences, weddings, concerts, music festivals, and even trade shows. Below are images of Hashtagr in use at American Advertising Federation, Sunburn Music Festival, and Bud Light’s conference at Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.


Cozad Competition: Saagar Gupta competed in the Cozad New Venture Competition at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With over 113 start-ups competing, Hashtagr placed 3rd place and received $5,000 in seed money.

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Microsoft Imagine Cup: Hashtagr was selected as one of eleven start-ups competing in the U.S. Microsoft Imagine Fund. Each of the eleven start-ups was given $10,000 in seed money for operations and outreach and ten weeks of start-up training by mentors around the world. Eventually, Hashtagr took the National Title for Innovation for the United States and was eventually a World Semi-Finalist.
1871 Chicago: Hashtagr part of their summer of 2014 at 1871 Chicago, a renown incubator in the city and was one of the “Chicago College Start-up Competition” winners.


Microsoft Idea Camp: Hashtagr spent the other part of their summer at Microsoft Ventures in Redmond, Seattle. They worked with mentors in UI/UX, Business Development, and Digital Media to take their start-up to the next level.



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